Saturday, November 8, 2008


Something weird is going on at the gameclover site. Anyone know why their rpg monster graphics section was replaced by something about a rpg maker 2003 battle? Maybe it was hacked. Weird! Wanted to use some of them. Hope they fix that problem soon.

In other news I'm still trying to think of a name for my new rpg. The new rpg name generator at random zoo isn't being much help.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update time

Can't come up with a name for my rpg empire game. At the moment it's just called Arshes Tyranny named after the Rpg Maker XP mascot character but that was only supposed to be temporary. Gloria is his queen with Hilda doing the magic support. Cyrus and Finley (I can't remember his real name, that's his name from Master of the Wind) are the rebels along with kobolds.

I haven't done much on it lately. Right now I'm being distracted by a cool vampire game I found out about yesterday. Well, it was cool. Until I got to some stupid hotel maze thing and the sewers. Whoever designed that part of Vampire masquerade bloodlines was not a good game designer!

Did some reading about another rpg maker game that was for sale too, Laxius Force. What the hell were they thinking with that description and demons that try to rape people?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to work on game

Well I'm back now :D Back to work on the game too it seems. Had a lot of new ideas while I was taking a break. Especially for new rpg dungeons. Some of you will hate the new things I came up with! Assuming I can figure out how to make them inside rpg maker

A bigger message and some drawings is posted on some of the rmvx message boards I go to and a project post. Go read them :) You know where they are or else you wouldn't be reading this blog!