Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just finished another dungeon! It's a giant sinkhole under the city with some puzzles. Lots of fun to play hopefully!

I'll post the new version on rpgmakervx soon

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April fools on the web

So I was surprised this year. No sites did a really cool april fools joke. There was the panda computer on google but they did much better years better. Youtube had a neat one, all the videos were upside down for awhile. But theres was a lot better before too. I remember when they rickrolled everyone from the main page.

One of the japanese sites made me laugh. They announced a new dragon quest rpg game was coming out that night and people lined up all over the place for it. Hilarious pictures on the web about it

But sad news too. Gameclover posted that they are only going to make rpgmaker xp resources from now on... I thought it was only an april fools joke but the post is still up there. I'm very sad :(

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Playing world of goo

Playing world of goo right now. I really really suck at these bridge physics puzzles. Some of the other levels are pretty cool. I loved the one where you started in the intestines then worked your way up to the balloons in the sky. 2dboy made an awesome game and I hope it wins big awards or something. Wish my games and those by people I knew would be anywhere near as cool as world of goo and the gooballs

Saw a cool link when looking for tycoon games. Some developer letting people sell his videogames and keep all money. Had thought about selling my own rpg so this sounds like good opportunity :) Aveyond did alright... might try to see if I can sell any of his first