Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to my rpg making blog!

Hi guys. I'm Solas. You might've seen me around some message boards! Right now I'm using Rpg Maker VX to make a cool little game you might like. I'd still like it if you don't. This program is really nice for newbies, reminds me of rpg maker 2003

I was thinking it'd be a quick little thing about a small group of heroes conquering an empire. Sure, that's a RPG Cliche, but...

In this game you play as the empire. Can you defend yourself from the rebels? Maybe or maybe not --- I haven't gotten that far making this RPG yet. But I have made a lot of cool custom art for it already. Soldiers, citizens, and a lot of the normal rpg monsters with a cool twist.

Oh yesh, and dolphin snakes! They're awesome!